A New York City-based strategy & design studio that creates branding, websites, and print publications for non-profits, arts organizations, individuals, and growing businesses.



Clients often need not only a new look but help to streamline, prioritize and strategize. Beyond design that is clear, thoughtful and beautiful, you'll gain insight on how to plan/implement a whole solution.

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Our experienced team of professionals:

James Monroe (Principal, Strategy & Design) has a decade of experience designing and leading design projects. He is passionate about helping others learn and grow while remaining mindful of society and the environment. He believes it is important that even organizations with limited resources have access to effective communication design.

Kate (Communications) has a keen understanding of how integrated communications—copywriting, public relations, social media, content strategy, event organization, and video production—succeed when developed simultaneously with design. Her experience also includes startups, galleries, designers, artists, performers, and entrepreneurs.

Jen (Illustration) is a fabulously imaginative artist and designer who has many times provided the element of the unexpected. She is relied on to provide out-of-the-box thinking and visual assets that fill in the creative blanks that exist between strategy, planning and execution. When we're stumped we rely on Jen to introduce fresh ideas.

Barry (Development) brings the technical expertise that is so needed in today's rapidly changing digital landscape. He reliably handles each project as a priority, no matter how large or small. His decades of experience with large corporations and small nonprofits lends him the ability to scale his efforts as needed and advise accordingly.

Michala (Interior Design) understands that like strategic branding or a strong website the right workplace is a critical asset for a successful organization. A well-designed workplace can influence everything from staff recruitment and retention to the quality of work being produced. In a connected world, office culture and identity are as important as (and influential to) the work that a company produces.

Our network of resources can provide:

Media: video, motion graphics, photography, heavy retouching
Printing: high-end, affordable, totes/merchandise, specialty
Industrial and Product Design, Fashion Design


  • James has created a complete strategy to promote my novel trilogy. Working within a tight budget, he has created a graphically compelling, sophisticated website for me, advised me on branding, helped me come up with a title for my next project, and brainstormed about publicity and marketing to generate many innovative ideas. Collaborating with James has been an education for me, and a pleasure: he is always anticipating the next step, and solving problems before they arise. A creative and strategic thinker, James not only thinks outside the box, he re-defines what the box is.
    —Author, AX Ahmad
  • “I've counted on James many times over the years for graphic design and he's always exceeded expectations. From logo conceptualization and web design to business cards and stationary, James treats big and small jobs with an exceptional level of professionalism and creativity.”
    —Founder, Reelblue
  • “There's not enough space to adequately write a recommendation for James Monroe. He is incredibly creative, responsible, and poised... His disposition was always positive and he worked very well whether entirely on his own or with a team. He is confident only in the best way which allowed him to take constructive criticism in stride. I feel fortunate to have worked with him.”
    —Editorial Services Manager, Purchase College & FMR Director of Marketing, Neuberger Museum of Art
  • “James is a talented designer and great to work with—very amenable to some pretty strict creative demands and smart about budget constraints. I've worked with him specifically on print media... but know he's an expert in web design as well.”
    —Director, Dance/NYC & FMR Director of Development, Alliance for the Arts
  • “In addition to being a terrific and inventive designer, James Monroe is a constructive and enthusiastic collaborator. He understands that when graphic design and text work together they heighten each other's impact. And he knows how to make that happen. A pleasure to work with, James is a rare talent!”
    —FMR Editor for Publications, The New School
  • “James is highly creative, detail-oriented, hard working and very passionate about his job and responsibilities. He possesses a high level of creative energy, multi-tasking and has strong organizational skills. He is also great at working in a fast paced environment where he can adapt quickly. I would highly recommend James to any organization.”
    —FMR VP of Sales, Skip Hop
  • “... He has shown exemplary initiative in creating a wide variety of design artwork including book covers, logos, posters, banners, advertisements, web graphics, and more. I highly recommend James if you are seeking a talented, motivated creative person.”
    — FMR Design Director, Parsons/The New School
  • “James Monroe is a true right- and left- brain thinker. He is both creative and organized, able to juggle many projects at once, and determine priorities accordingly. He can plan complex projects involving multiple stages, resources and approvals, including scheduling and budgets. James also has the interest and ability to understand how design can help meet big-picture business and communication goals. As a result, his work is both fresh and on-message. Lastly, James is a pleasure to work with—full of interesting facts and able to keep his cool even in high pressure situations.”
    —VP of Product Development, Skip Hop