Case Study: BariBox Branding

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Baltimore, MD

BariBox founder & registered dietitian, Jana Wolff, came to us with a simple request: show people that the first bariatric meal delivery service is easy, friendly, and unforgettable. Monroe&Co combined modern, colorful design with a sense of humor and created scalable guidelines their team could easily follow across packaging, website, social media and more as the startup grows.


Each of the icons in the logo symbolizes principles of the brand and product: proper nutrition, health, made with love, time saving, doorstep delivery.

clearspace example from brand guide
color palette from brand guide

The icons are also a little wink to the outdated notions of the “ideal” body types for women espoused in 1950s illustrations: apple, pear, round, heart, hourglass, and square.

inspiration image

“This is perfect… very easy. I’m excited to have an actual brand and for things to look consistent. Thank you again so much for working on it.
— Founder, BariBox —


The project resulted in BariBox having a clear and simple guide they could give to partners creating a website, social media campaigns, and commercial kitchens printing labeling. Over two years later, if you look across their media, you will see the bright, modern consistency carried throughout with ease.

Design: Monroe&Co
Photos: BariBox & Teddy Wolff
Website: BariBox